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You do not require yoga experience to attend these workshops. Each workshop has a different theme, helping you to find more balance with yourself. Every event in our lives has an impact on one or more parts of ourselves, the physical, the emotional, the psychological or mental, the spiritual. The main aim of each workshop to help you find more balance within each part and the four parts together. Each part of our selves are interconnected and when one part seemingly is affected by an event then the other parts are also affected, even if we are not aware of it.

An example:

We watch some news on the television about a natural disaster. We may feel sad, worried, troubled: this is our emotional part. We think about what has happened, how people, animals, the environment were affected, and have lots of thoughts in our minds, some or lots that appear negative: this is the psychological or mental part. With the emotions and negative thoughts, we create tension in our body in one or several places, which can create pain or discomfort: the physical part. By paying attention to our thoughts and holding on to our tension we forget about our spirit.  

It may be you notice physical tension and/or discomfort and want to find ways to help release this, the workshops may help you understand why you are carrying this tension, or why you think the way you do about certain things, or why you have certain thought patterns, or why you have trouble sleeping, how to relieve pain.  Please see the list of workshops to find ones that suit you.

There are several workshops based more on the physical, e.g for shoulders, legs and gluts, hips and back.

Some workshops for horse riders and owners.

And the other workshops are themed, for example stress and anxiety

Each workshop will include all or some of the following: understanding and learning about the theme with our minds, breathing techniques, yoga  and/or pilates postures, mindfulness techniques, meditation. The combination of these will help you find balance, a deep sense of health, happiness, peace and well-being. You will receive recordings and handouts that are relevant to that particular workshop.

In Newmarket each workshop runs for 3 hours with a drink and toilet break. Tea ,coffee  and flapjack supplied. Cost per workshop £30

In Bury St Edmunds each workshop runs for 2 ½ hours. Tea, coffee and small flapjack supplied at the end. Cost per workshop is £25

Yin and Gong Class is £20

Venue : St Agnes Church Hall, Bury Road, Newmarket, CB8 7BT. 1pm to 4pm

7th  November 2018

Yin Yoga with Gong 1½ hour Class, Newmarket  Click here for more details



Classes are held at

 St Agnes Church Hall, Bury Road, Newmarket, CB8 7BT

10 week courses

Either 5.30pm to 6.45pm or 7pm to 8.15pm

Next courses start Monday 2nd January 2018

Any dates you cannot make in the 10 week term can be taken at the Red Lodge class on a Saturday

  Red Lodge Millenium Centre,Lavender Close, Bury St Edmunds IP28  8TE

Every Saturday, 8.25am to 9.25am

£8 per class

Please text, ring or email to make sure there is enough places, as this class can get busy