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I have been a yoga practitioner for 10 years. My first meditation course was taken in Cambridge in 2003 and my first mindfulness course was taken in London in 2007. Prior to yoga I practised Tai Chi and Chi Gong, and before that spent time with the Alexander Technique and the Feldencrais Technique.


My initial interest in movement practice was in the balance of the body. I became a Spinal Therapist in 2007, helping clients with a wide range of injuries, illnesses and postural issues. I am also as qualified massage therapist, pilates teacher and coach.

I am a hatha yoga teacher and a certified teacher for iRest yoga nidra. I am currently completing a yoga and myofascial release course with Tom Myers and am completing my yin yoga training next year.

Through the practice of martial arts, yoga and mindfulness meditation, I learnt about the deep connection of the mind, the emotions, the body and the spirit. With my teachings I provide a unique combination of skills and insights from both Eastern Philosophies and Western educational modalities.

Prior to my therapy work and teaching I ran a successful retail store in Cambridge, having started it from scratch. I love nature, the outdoors and all animals. I am lucky to have horses and cats in my life. I also love going for walks in the countryside.

I have attended many trainings courses, classes and workshops, UK, America and New Zealand, all helping me to learn and grow, and become the person I am now, but also enabling me to share and facilitate my clients to learn, grow and make changes for themselves and their lives.

I continue my passion to learn and share with my students and clients. I bring a sense of humour and warmth to my classes, courses and workshops, keeping them fun, but also empowering the student. They are suitable for complete beginners or seasoned practitioners. As well as students learning something new, the classes, courses and workshops are also designed for the student to find release and to remember happiness, calmness, connectedness and a sense of well-being.